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In our stores you can choose from more than 26 tire brands guaranteed by the manufacturer, at a reasonable price from summer, winter and four-season tires.

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We offer tire services from the smallest to the largest tires including autovehicles, vans, trucks, agricultural machines (AGR), industrial machines (OTR).

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We offer mobile tire service for all types of vehicles, including industrial tires. If you have any problems, we will go to the scene and resolve it.

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Get rid of your worries of storing tires, we will store it for you under the right conditions during seasonal change.

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We offer consulting in choosing the perfect tire for your needs, so you can benefit from an excellent tire life and an excellent price / value ratio.

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Aligning the wheels with the direction of travel and aligning one wheel with the other is one of the most important aspects for the correct operation and performance of your car.

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